Less expensive brands that are just as good as North Face

So, are there less expensive brands that are just as good as North Face? Of course there are. Let’s dig in.


There are times when the price is worth it. There are other times when you should be suspicious. While the North Face is a solid brand, the prices are staggering with so many similar items on the market.


For example, there is a Kohl’s brand called ‘Free Country’ that replicates the approximation of the North Face brand. While North Face remains to be one of the most popular brands for gear and clothing, there are many other durable brands out there that are equal quality.




While other brands replicate the North Face in many ways, the best bank for your buck will always fall back on Columbia. One of the top brands in American outerwear, Columbia began in Portland, Oregon, and ships to 72 countries.


Within the Columbia brand, some of the most popular items include rainwear, fleece items, tees, hoodies, hiking shoes, and even waterproof boots. Overall, the major benefit will be a combination of quality and savings.




Previously known as ‘Rock Solid,’ Arc’teryx is famous for creating perfect outdoor gear. Getting their footing within the field of rock climbing, the adventure brand leads innovations year after year within their fields.


Best known for rock climbing, the brand also creates gear for hiking, snowboarding and skiing. Developed in the North of Vancouver, Arc’teryx has been around since 1989 and is a great replacement for the North Face or Patagonia.




When it comes to outdoor gear like coats, sleeping bags, tents, and hiking gear, Marmot is one of the best on the market. Often less flashy than other brands, Marmot makes gear for true outdoorsman, focusing on comfort and efficiency.


Headquartered in Rohnet Park, California, Marmot began in 1974 and is now a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation, which produces consumer goods globally. For the true hiker and adventure-seeker, seek Marmot.




A Japanese casual brand for winter gear, Uniqlo began in 2005, where they prepare the “latest essentials for women, men, kids & babies.” Preparing gear for the bold, Uniqlo sales similar parkas and gear for equal or less than North Face.


There seamless down jackets are top quality and their prices range anywhere from $15 to $150 for top-of-the-line gear and winter style. Rather than buying just another North Face jacket, consider the styles over at Uniqlo.


REI Brand


While many companies have their own house brands, the REI Brand is one of the best on the market. Based in Washington, the REI company sells gear for the great outdoors, including items from the North Face.


Within their doors, they also sell their own gear, which includes high-quality clothing, shoes, and equipment, such as camping, snowboarding, hiking, and running gear. Their house brands deliver similar quality for a fraction of the cost.




While all the “cool kids” might be wearing the North Face this year, for those looking for outdoor gear at a fraction of the cost, there are several options. Perhaps the best-known alternative would be Columbia, but brands like Arc’teryx, Marmot, and Uniqlo make gear that is just as good. In addition, don’t ignore the house brands like those of REI and even Kohl’s, as they also produce quality products.


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Favorite North Face products

For many who enjoy the outdoors, there are reputable companies that specialize in designing quality gear and clothing for these specific activities and varying weather conditions. An excellent company is without a doubt The North Face. There is a legitimate reason when you check out outdoor clothing that North Face jackets are considered so amazing. So convenient for their simple design, these are jackets that are ideal for people of all ages, in addition to durable and comfortable.
When considering the age of those who delight in them, outdoor activities have few limits. People of every age group, it does not matter if it is a little boy or girl or a professional adult, require the proper clothing to keep them warm or cool when outside in the elements. North Face jackets are designed for young children, men, and women. These come in a variety of designs and sizes, but each style is manufactured exclusively with its target customer in mind. This means that a man’s jacket will be made differently than a woman’s. Adult jackets have a distinctive construction than children’s jackets. You can probably quite easily find a comfortable jacket in your grouping.
Fleece is a material that is very comfortable. It is soft and often feels like you are wrapping yourself in a warm comforter. It is also light, but not necessarily designed for extremely cold conditions. For colder environments, you might want to consider something more heavy duty and get a jacket built to withstand the freezing temperatures. Whatever the material you pick out, for a North Face jacket, it definitely will be comfortable to wear. Another great thing about North Face jackets is that you will not need to worry about your jacket falling apart. Since The North Face designs its items with outdoor activity planned, you can rest assured that your jacket really should hold up to a quite a bit of abuse.
North Face comprehends a considerable measure of what clients are searching for, which is the reason their coats are flexible, agreeable, and highlight simple to-use zippers and enormous, zippered pockets. These pockets are normally sufficiently huge to warm your hands in, and the zippered outline makes them safe to place assets in without apprehension of losing them while you’re outside. These coats are incredible for outside enterprises since they don’t have a great deal of catches and straps that could act as a burden.
There are a great many main reasons why North Face jackets are my Favorite North Face products. The company has been in existence and making high quality outdoor wear for awhile now which is probably why they are popular. It is a name that is widely recognized just about anywhere you go, and that doesn’t happen overnight.
With jackets readily available for people of all ages, it no wonder North Face has made a name for themselves beyond the design features they have on their jackets which are all comfortable and relatively durable also. The North Face brand is obviously a great line to look at if your are ever in the market for top quality outdoor merchandise.



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Where to find the best deals on North Face apparel

North Face is an American company that deals with manufacturing and supplying garments, clothing and outwears apparel. The apparel manufacturing company was founded 48 years ago by one Douglas Tompkins and his wife and has been able to establish a clear mark and good will in the clothing manufacturing industry as it has laid high quality standards down for all its apparel. Serving and operating within North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific, the company has managed to spread its wings very much as it started from Alameda, California, United States. It’s ever challenging and inspiring Moto implies why they have always been ahead in terms of creativity and originality of their products. Their designs exhibit a team of professionals who are out to grow and flourish in the apparel manufacturing industry.

If you have been looking for a reliable kind of clothing product then look no further because North Face is the ultimate solution for you, your family and friends. North Face has grown in experience in terms of designing and producing high quality apparel for college academicians, skiers, hikers, snowboarders and any other forms of athletic activities. It began in 1966 as a climbing products retail shop and was based in San Francisco at that time. North Face apparel has developed gradually and grown in popularity with this prestige name leading to the customers of North Face being potentially a target for robbers. Walking in unsafe streets would be something to avoid as you shop for apparel from North Face because of its high quality and good name.

The North Face has its products supplied in over 55 retail and 20 outlet locations in the United States, In Canada its product can be found in 4 retail shops and 2 outlets, 19 places in the United Kingdom and many others worldwide. Apart from buying the apparel from their own outlets there are other many companies and enterprises throughout the world which deal with North Face apparel so even if you are not in those states which have some retail shops and outlets you need not to worry.

You can as well visit their website here: www.thenorthface.com.au/ and purchase or make your order online! You will also have the chance to peruse through the latest men’s and women’s outdoor wear and apparel that suits you and the weather in your location because they have diverse range of apparel for all your clothing needs.Best deals in terms of pricing, customer service and fast shipping are available from not only The North Face but also the North Face apparel dealers mentioned here below.

Dick’s sporting goods is also a company that supplies North Face apparel so you can visit their online market – click here: www.dicksportinggoods.com/ and do your shopping online. Other online shopping platforms that have best deals such as Zappos, the Amazon and many other online shopping platforms not only supply The North Face apparel but also provide a customer with free shipping if you purchase from them. Online clothes and apparel shopping platforms may help you if you have no retail store or outlet for North Face apparel near you.


The Worst North Face Products

North Face is an outdoor equipment retail store that offers a huge selection of clothes and equipment designed for outdoor activities and extreme sports. Their main office is located in the United States particularly in San Leandro, California near its corporate sister company JanSport who was recognized as the world’s largest backpack maker that supplies almost all areas in the United States and to the neighboring continent. The company does not just operate solely in the United States they also offer their line of products to the different parts of the world like in Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and Latin America. This company has been renowned for great products, some of their equipment fail to meet customer requirements. Below is a list of the worst North Face products:

The North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag

The North Face Base Camp messenger bag comes in a limited number of sizes; small and large. If you are searching for the ideal messenger bag which will be able to withstand tough enviroment, activities and constant use, you might find it challenging in locating the best for your size. The only distinction of the two bags is the sizing; the small is ideal for daily commuting if you don’t need to carry lots of stuff with you. It comes in at 800 cubic inches or 13 liters with dimensions of 12″ x 12″ x 4″. The large on the other hand comes in at a whopping 1525 cubic inches and a nice 15″ x 18″ x 5″. Due to their rigidity in terms of size, this product from North Face might fail to satisfy the needs of the customer.

Patagonian Lambswool Cardigan Sweater

With so many warmth sweaters to choose from, your last choice should be the Patagonian lambswool cardigan sweater. Made from super-soft material of lambswool, this sweater might fail to provide adequate warmth that you require at cooler zones. Due to the low quality, this product does not guarantee to keep you warm while you head on out to grab the morning paper or even take a short walk around the icy park. Take caution when shopping for warmth clothes from North Face not to purchase the wrong and ineffective product to suffer later in your outdoor expenditions.

Backpack Isabella

Isabella is just among the many daypack brands offered by North Face. This brand fails to address various aspects covered by other outdoor packs. This model is made in such a way that when girls use it, they will have the same comfort experienced by men with their bags. Consequently, it is ideal only for ladies. Besides, the North Face backpack Isabella also comes in different colors because the company understands that women are not just after functionality but as well as style. The only way to know of the available colors is visiting their website. Sometimes, they release limited supply editions for seasonal colors, so better keep watch for you to get the coolest thing. As a result, it can cause inconvenience to the customer with regards to the selection of their favorite color.


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History of the North Face Brand

The North Face is a popular name in the world of outdoor apparel and camping equipment. The company has grown over the years to offer a variety of different products that can be found in many stores and websites. The products can even be found at numerous North Face retail stores around the country.

This is a brand that has been around for nearly fifty years. The North Face is a great brand with a strong history attached to it.

What’s In the Name?

The North Face name was designed as a reference to a part of a mountain that is typically hard to climb. The north face of a mountain around the northern hemisphere is generally colder and icier than other parts of that mountain. This makes it harder for people to climb.

The half-dome appearance on the North Face logo is also symbolic. It is designed to represent the Half Dome granite dome at Yosemite Valley. This is a famed rock formation known for its sheer face paired with some round sides to create a half-dome look.

How It Evolved

The North Face was formed in 1966 by Douglas Tompkins, an owner of a climbing equipment store in the San Francisco area. His store was bought two years after he formed it.

The store was formed following a trip out to a mountain in rural Minnesota. The idea was to find a way to sell products to people who were especially interesting in climbing.

The store was designed with a good layout that focuses heavily on offering merchandise for those who want to climb mountains. The company was especially designed with climbing products in mind with a strong emphasis on offering apparel to protect people who are climbing.

Today the North Face has grown to where it continues to offer clothing to protect climbers and keep them warm. It also has camping equipment for customers including tents, sleeping bags and other valuable items for use while on a mountain.

The company also teamed up with JanSport, in the 2000s. This was to help the North Face produce more backpacks. Today North Face and JanSport backpacks are among the best-selling options in the world with close to half of all small-model backpacks on the market being from one of these two brands.

Available In More Places

The North Face has gotten many of its products available in an assortment of different places. People can buy North Face products at many retail stores but it is also easy to find these products through the brand’s website.

The business has also grown to where it has a variety of physical brand stores around the country. There are more than fifty retail shops around the United States dedicated to North Face products. There are nearly twenty locations in the United Kingdom as well. Many other countries, including Canada, have their own North Face stores too.

The evolution of the North Face brand shows that the company is certainly growing and thriving. The products from the North Face are varied and useful for a number of great purposes and will certainly continue to be hot among climbers.


Below, the founder of the North Face talks about the company’s history – enjoy!


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